Stretch Wrapping Mini-System Orion & Brenton Mini-System

Orion Packaging and Brenton Engineering, two of today's leading packaging equipment manufacturers, present the Mini-System, an "all-in-one" robotic palletizer / automatic stretch wrapping machine designed to increase productivity by integrating separate material handling and pallet packaging operations into one fully integrated stretch wrapping system.

The Mini-System is a complete end-of-line packaging solution which can handle a wide variety of product types, sizes and weights and can easily be programmed to handle a variety of stacking patterns. The use of tried and true proven technology means you can depend on the stretch wrapping Mini-System for long term reliability.

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  • FANUC Robotic Palletizer

    The FANUC Robotics series of robots is engineered for precision, high-speed / high payload operation, user friendly setup and maximum reliability. This is a four-axis, modular construction, electric servo-driven robot with an integrated mechanical and control unit designed for a variety of manufacturing, palletizing and system processes.

    • Fastest cycle times in robot class
    • Highest payload in robot class
    • Internal mechanical / control unit saves floor space
    • Large work envelope for versatile robot operation
    • Small footprint increases installation flexibility
    • Easy program creation and editing orion automatic stretch wrapper
  • Orion Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    ORION automatic stretch wrapping machines have earned a reputation for being highly reliable, durable and flexible in a variety of pallet packaging applications. Models are available in either rotary turntable or rotary tower depending on the type of load being wrapped.

    Pictured above is the FA-44 high speed, heavy duty stretch wrapping machine, which can process up to 75 loads per hour.

    • High performance powered prestretch film delivery for maximum film economy
    • AC Variable Frequency Drive used throughout for low maintenance & longer life
    • Allen Bradley PLC controls
    • Load capacity of 5,000 lbs.
    • Reliable automatic film tail cut & wipe system
    • Gradual accel/decel for gentle load handling

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