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Orion Features

Here are some features and advantages to Orion Packaging equipment as compared to the competition:

Orion Advantages of Flex Models The Competition
IntelleVue HMI on Flex models combines large color touch panel with intuitive menu driven controls Competitors use expensive proprietary PLC microcontrollers with outdated buttons & switches
Designed with many non-proprietary, locally available parts Many expensive, proprietary parts that are only available from the manufacturer
Separate UP and DOWN carriage speed on many models gives user more control of how much film is applied to load Only one carriage speed adjustment for up and down limits the users ability to tailor film usage to load
INSTA-Thread film carriage on most models means NO hands in prestretch, open the door, pull film across, close the door Competitive machines often require operator to place hands near powered rollers, a dangerous situation
Powered prestretch force-to-load control for even film tension on every part of the wrapped load Competitors often use a microswitch, not nearly as precise, uses more film per load. Some use complex stain gauge which is hard to calibrate
NEMA 12 dust & dirt sealed control box standard on most models Some competitors offer NEMA 12 only as an expensive option
High & Low profile models available to match application (High profile easier to load with fork lift) Some competitors only offer low profile model, more difficult to load with forklift
Forklift portable from FRONT or REAR on turntable semi automatic models Most competitors forklift portable from rear only, difficult to move machine when placed against a wall
Sturdy, durable steel construction, either structural steel or heavy gauge sheet steel. Sheet metal and molded plastic can be damaged, bent
REVO-LOGIC on most models applies accurate top & bottom wraps which saves customer stretch film and money Some use contact switch and set parameters to TWO to assure at least one full wrap, wastes film
15 RPM rotation speed on most models for faster wrap cycle time Some competitors only offer 12 RPM maximum
More casters used to support turntable on turntable high profile models. Competitors use fewer support casters or casters of inferior material
4 or 5 Limited warranty, Orion stands behind what we build Orion Flex turntable models come with a full 5 year warranty
Highly responsive parts & service department, same day shipments for urgent parts orders Smaller infrastructure, expensive parts, not nearly as responsive as Orion
260% Standard prestretch level on most models can over time save hundreds, even thousands of dollars Often 185% 200% maximum stretch levels are standard due to inferior carriage design which may cause film breaks at higher levels
Most connectors use easy disconnect or MURR block for fast & easy replacement of wear parts Competitors use hard wired connectors making service time consuming and expensive
Orion is part of ProMach, one of the largest and most stable packaging companies in North America How financially stable is the competitor, will they be in business and available to support you in the future?