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Top Ten Advantages

10 Reasons to Choose Orion:

  • 1.  Durable Construction 1. Durable Construction

    For over 35 years Orion has built stretch wrapping equipment using heavy gauge steel tube, plate and sheet steel to provide a robust framework that will survive year after year in even the harshest industrial environments. Powder coat paint is used to insure a long lasting and durable finish.

  • 2.  High Performance Film Delivery 2. High Performance Film Delivery

    Orion’s InstaThread powered prestretch film delivery system has been proven over many thousands of installations worldwide. Its unique non-contact corner compensation method insures that film is applied at the same tension at every part of the load. Film is elongated at a standard rate of 260% (higher & lower available) to insure the most secure loads at the lowest cost.

  • 3.  IntelleVue HMI 3. IntelleVue HMI

    New for 2016, Orion is proud to introduce the IntelleVue human machine interface. The new IntelleVue control system features a full color, high resolution industrial-grade touch panel with a built in microprocessor. With built in network capability it’s possible to monitor machine performance and troubleshooting over a network. A USB port allows for fast and easy software updating.

  • 4.  Intuitive Menu Driven Controls 4. Intuitive Menu Driven Controls

    With the introduction of the IntelleVue HMI, Orion completely rewrote the user control interface to be completely menu driven. It operates more like a smart phone than a stretch wrapping machine. Three levels of security allow management to lock out certain settings for consistent machine performance.

  • 5.  All AC Motors 5. All AC Motors

    Forget the maintenance hassles of DC motors. Orion machines use AC motors with variable frequency drives for low maintenance, high performance and maximum efficiency. If a VFD needs to be replaced, the IntelleVue controller allows automatic uploading of parameters for a change over that takes only a few minutes.

  • 6.  Non-Proprietary Parts 6. Non-Proprietary Parts

    Orion Flex stretch wrapping machines are designed with many non-proprietary parts such as motors, gearboxes and photoeyes. This means that replacement parts can be sourced either locally or through your authorized Orion distributor. This saves time, money and maximizes your uptime.

  • 7.  RevoLogic Technology 7. RevoLogic Technology

    Orion’s RevoLogic is a exact tooth counting technology that allows Orion Flex machines to apply top wraps and bottom wraps more precisely than competitive models. When the photoeye detects the top of the load, the microprocessor begins counting teeth so that regardless of where the turntable is, you’ll get the exact number of top and bottom wraps programmed. This saves time and film.

  • 8.  Wide Range of Options 8. Wide Range of Options

    A wide range of options are available for Flex models so you can customize your machine to your exact application. Some of the more popular options include: Loading Ramp, 30" Film Carriage, Load Stabilizing Platen, Dual Turntable, Built In Scale, InstaCut Film Severance, Oversize Turntable, Split Base, Extended Height Mast, Extended Base, Cold Pack and Freezer Pack.

  • 9.  Choice of High or Low Profile 9. Choice of High or Low Profile

    Some competitors only offer low profile models. While low profile machines can be loaded easily with electric walkies and pallet jacks, they are more difficult to load by forklift where the drivers vision is somewhat impaired. High profile turntables provide a more visible target and are easier to load by forklift.

  • 10.  Industry Leading Manufacturer 10. Industry Leading Manufacturer

    Over the last 35 years Orion has been designing and building the most durable, feature packed and efficient stretch wrappers on the market. And being a part of ProMach, North America’s largest packaging company, gives Orion unmatched financial stability as well as access to some of the most talented and experienced engineers and designers in the packaging industry.