Empty PET Bottles

Solutions like Orion's RTA are ideal for difficult loads as they eliminate conveyors, which can destabilize light and fragile loads.

Pallets are wrapped right on the floor and the film carriage rotates around the stationary load. Plus, eliminating conveyors saves space and time and expense of installation. So your operation is up and running quickly.

The RTA also helps improve efficiency by eliminating the need for operators to manually attach the film tail to the load, and cut and secure the film tail at the end of the cycle. The RTA stretch wrapper automatically performs these functions. The operator simply places the load, pulls a hanging lanyard to start the cycle, and is free to stage the next load. When they return, the load is securely wrapped and ready to be removed.A tower mounted obstacle sensing system helps detect obstructions in the swing circle. Add optional fencing for a more controlled and safer environment.