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Bakery Goods

There is a trend toward more consolidation of wrapping stations within bakeries, along with the use of higher-speed stretch wrapping to increase throughput. For example, Orion worked with a bakery that had multiple wrappers at various locations wrapping 10 to 20 loads per hour. Now they have a central location turning out more than 65 pallet loads. They’ve also gained production space by eliminating individual wrapping stations.

Innovative stretch wrapping can stabilize loads of warm or frozen baked goods. The technique of “roping” can be used on warm products to promote ventilation. Rather than covering the entire outside of the load with film, narrow bands of film stabilize the load, while giving the products room to breathe and cool. The same technique can be used for quick refrigeration.

One customer was able to eliminate the need for metal cabinets to transport fragile fresh bread by using plastic trays and stretch-wrapped pallets. This increased the number of units per load and lowered the cost of transporting the cabinets back to the bakery. There was less handling, and the customer gained operational space because they did not have to store the cabinets. The baked goods arrived in comparable condition, but at less cost.