Why Choose Orion?

Orion Equipment is the Best Built, Safest, Most Fully Featured as Standard Stretch Wrapper on the Market – here’s why:

Non-Proprietary Components & Controls

Orion uses the best Name Brand Industrial Components and Controls – we would be happy to provide you with spares and replacements, but you can also source them from a number of distributors local to you.

Ease of Use, Maintenance, & Repair

Orion chooses Simplicity over appearance with designs that are sensible, easy to access and maintenance friendly. Every one of our machines is offered standard with touch screen operator interface, which makes setup a breeze, and afterwards, operators who like to fiddle with the wrap configuration can be locked out via password protection. Faults are easy to clear because the machine tells you exactly where the problem is.

Advanced, Proven Film Stretch & Delivery

Orion's InstaThread Film Carriage is famous for its AUTOMATIC Film Force-to-Load Control, as well as the easiest film threading and most consistent film performance at higher stretch percentages. Force-to-Load control is offered as standard on every one of our machines, including our economy model.

Structural Steel Frames

Orion cuts and welds all machine frames from structural steel, including conveyor frames. Fork tubes running front to back on our tTurntable models provide structural rigidity and allow for maximum portability. This gives us the confidence to offer a 5 Year Structural Frame Warranty on all models.

U.S. Based Manufacturing & Support

Orion is a U.S. corporation and a subsidiary of ProMach (www.promachinc.com) with manufacturing and customer support facilities in

Alexandria, MN. Local packaging and material handling distributors act as our authorized Sales and Service representatives in every major city and beyond.