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Why Choose Orion

Pallet Wrapper & Pallet Stretch Wrapping Advantages - Orion Packaging

For many companies, safely and effectively shipping product from their factory or warehouse to a customer or distributor can be frustrating and costly. Loosely stacked or hand-unitized pallet loads can shift and topple. Product can be damaged. Rain and bad weather can destroy packaging and ruin contents.

Companies using modern stretch wrapping machines and highly elastic and protective stretch film, though, can minimize these issues and lower their distribution costs. Tight load unitization found with stretch wrapping improves load handling, increases worker efficiency, boosts workplace safety and helps ensure products arrive safely. Stretch film often replaces more expensive forms of pallet packaging such as strapping, corrugated or heat shrink film.

The key to effective and economical stretch wrapping lies within the "heart" of the machine, its film prestretch unit, a device which converts the raw stretch film into a super strong, resilient web of film. Orion's Insta-Thread (used on most models) uses advanced technology to consistently elongate stretch film between two specially textured rollers, and has variable output speed to control the amount of film fed to the load during the wrap cycle. This provides for an evenly shrink wrapped and effectively unitized load at every point on the load.

In the worldwide pallet packaging industry, Orion is making its mark with a full line of semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment and fully automatic stretch wrapper machines. Companies hand-wrapping pallet loads or using other, similarly ineffective containment methods, are discovering improved efficiency and savings through Orion's stretch wrapping technology.

For operations shrink wrapping more than 20 pallet loads each day, benefits with using stretch wrap machinery include improved product protection, maximum unitization, and minimum packaging costs per load. Fully automated stretch wrappers can reduce the number of employees and time needed to unitize each pallet load. Companies that use steel or poly strapping to secure loads also will find improved efficiency and savings. While bands can loosen during shipment and can require re tightening, re palletizing or re banding, stretch wrapped loads maintain consistently tight containment. Also, injuries common with the banding process and hand shrink wrapping are greatly reduced through stretch wrapping automation.

Orion's wide range of stretch wrappers make it the most extensive pallet packaging product line in the industry. Styles include rotary turntable, rotary tower, orbital, and horizontal wrapping systems. Automatic stretch wrapping systems are often custom engineered to meet the exact needs of the customer. Dozens of options are available on both semi and fully automatic stretch wrapping machines to tailor-fit the function of the wrapping machine to the challenges of the application.

Client-specific customization and unique design make Orion's Constellation series orbital shrink wrapper the ideal solution to wrapping long packages that defy conventional wrappers. Products that once were difficult to unitize and secure like office partitions, prefabricated furniture, carpet rolls, or pallets of odd-shaped boxes stay safely in shape with the Constellation. "We build each orbital wrapper to fit the specific needs of each customer, so they come in a variety of sizes," says Steve Holland, Orion VP of Sales.

Orion also offers a variety of high-profile semi-automatic stretch wrapping turntables and low-profile semi-automatic stretch wrapping turntable models, and semi-automatic stretch wrapping rotary tower systems. The company's HPA, LPA, MPS and CTS Series combines fully automatic features with the portability and affordability of semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines. Each system offers programmable controllers that provide features including exact wrap counting, cycle pause logic, carriage speed controls, reinforce wrap functions, and multiple control applications.

Several factors must be considered when purchasing a stretch wrapping machine. The machine must operate at least as fast as the current loading process on the factory or warehouse floor. It must be able to safely wrap and secure loads based on weight, size and unique characteristics, like odd-shaped boxes or other variations. It must fit within your current factory or warehouse space restrictions. The film delivery system, machine construction, maintenance and serviceability of the machine, and the reputation of the manufacturer, also are essential to making a wise stretchwrapping purchase.

Orion Stretch Wrappers Feature:

  • A powered pre-stretch film delivery system that applies high-performance films at up to 425 percent of stretch levels, reducing film costs by more than 200 percent compared to hand wrapping
  • Steel construction for durability in harsh industrial environments
  • Easy maintenance and service access to minimize production line downtimes.
  • Use of non-proprietary, locally sourced parts from Allen Bradley, Numatics, Pacific-Scientific, Leeson and Telemecanique.

This makes machine maintenance a simpler process. "And each Orion stretch wrapping machine is backed by Orion's highly trained service department," Mr. Holland says. "We back up our stretch wrapping systems with the best-trained, most-experienced service technicians in the business. You have questions; our service techs have the answers. Over the telephone or in person, we'll help you solve your problems."

Another first from this long-time leader in its field, Orion's leasing program provides its customers an alternative to purchasing pallet stretch wrap packaging equipment. "Our new program has been developed specifically for the pallet packaging marketplace, allowing growing companies to obtain and benefit from stretch wrapping equipment now when they need it," Mr. Holland says, "even if they won't have the funds to purchase it until later."

"Our promise to you is Orion delivers the best efficiency, highest productivity and overall value in the stretch wrapping business," Mr. Holland says. "You owe it to yourself to look at Orion's product line. Anything less is a gamble."