Manual Corner Board Applicator MCBA

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This option is available on the Orion FA turntable automatic system and is designed for customers who require operators to apply cornerboards to pallet loads in a safe and efficient manner.

The manual corner board applicator is designed to ensure precision and efficiency in the packaging process. This system allows for operators to manually apply cornerboards to pallet loads in a safe and effective manner. Benefits of using this machine include added safety in the production room, a slow mode for operator safety, and more.

When pallets are placed onto a turntable, the operator stands in the operator booth. Slowly, the pallet load will begin to spin so that each cornerboard can be manually placed. Once this is complete, the turntable stretch wrapper speeds up. When complete, the pallet is sent forward on the conveyor.

  • For use on Orion FA turntable automatic
  • Allows for safe manual application of corner boards
  • Several built in safety systems assure safe operation
  • Machine operates in slow mode until operator has completed application
  • Once operator steps off platform, machine accelerates to normal speed
  • Possible retrofit depending on equipment in use

Orion's Manual Corner Board Applicators are ideal for multiple industries including: