Infeed Section Top Sheet Dispenser Infeed Top Sheet Applicator

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Orion offers a variety of options for the automatic application of polyethylene top sheet. Whether for weatherproofing of loads stored outside, or just for protection against dust, and/or pilferage, Orion has a Top Sheet Dispenser for your application.

Available for use with rotary tower and rotary turntable automatic stretchwrapping systems, Orion offers Top Sheet Dispensers for applications involving random load heights or fixed, as well as for applying the top sheet prior to the wrap zone/process area, or in the process area.

Top sheets can even be applied mid-way through the wrap cycle for maximum weather proofing. A load is discharged from the palletizer and enters the Top Sheet Dispenser, where it pauses while the top sheet is applied. Once the top sheet has been applied, the load continues down the conveyor to the wrap zone. After wrapping, this load will be stored out of doors. The top sheet will protect the load from moisture and dirt.

Orion's Infeed Top Sheet Applicators are ideal for multiple industries including: