MA - Fully Automatic Rotary Stretch System NEW

The MA fully automatic rotary tower stretch wrapper provides high throughput stretch wrapping for any application. Rotary tower stretch wrappers are ideal for unique applications such as very heavy, very light or unstable loads.

Furthermore, the MA is completely modular and customizable, able to adapt and optimized for any application. From the size and type of conveyors to the length and height of the rotary arm, the MA can be tailored and even retrofitted to grow with the needs of your business.

Built to Last, Built in America

Similar to most Orion products, the MA is designed and built in-house, ensuring a high level of quality and product life. An "open" mechanical design assures that motors, gearboxes, and more are easily accessible for maintenance or service.

  • High OEE with Minimal Downtime and Long Product Life

    Four-legged design for extremely stable operation. Machine is built in USA ensures premium quality, minimizing downtime and overall maintenance.

  • User Safety

    Wire mesh guarding with interlocked doors and light curtain for operator safety. Standard CAT 3 electrics with separate high and low voltage cabinets for extra redundant safety systems.

  • Maximize Load Stability, Minimize Film Costs

    S-Carriage InstaThread film carriage provides 260% pre-stretch to get the most out of your film. With the smart design, reloading film only takes a few seconds, minimizing potential downtime

  • Easy to Maintain and Service

    Open mechanical design for easy access to motors and gears during service and maintenance. Commonly available controller parts allow for minimal downtime without needing to wait for replacement parts to arrive.

  • High Throughput and Efficiency

    High speed conveyance and rotary arm speed allow for high throughput on 1 machine

  • Wrap Any Load/Product

    Heavyweight, lightweight, or unstable load on any machine with our adjustable initial wrap speed and heavy-duty, stable platform

  • User-Centric IntelleVue Controls

    Allen Bradley HMI with IntelleVue System provides a smart, easy to use control system requiring minimal training for operators

  • Speed

    up to 18 RPM (higher speed options available)

  • Weight

    up to 4000 lbs (higher weight options available)

  • Minimum Load Size

    30" W x 30" L x 15" H

  • Maximum Load Size

    48" W x 48" L x 80" H

  • HMI

    Allen Bradley 10"

  • Conveyance

    1x Infeed, 1x Wrap Zone, 1x Outfeed

  • Safety Rating

    Category 3

  • Forklift Wheelstop

    Having a forklift wheelstop protects your machine to prevent the machine accidentally being damaged. It also ensure that the load is centered every time, making load pickup and drop off quick and easy.

  • Lo-Pro Drag Chain Conveyance

    Change to our Lo-Pro Drag Chain to maximize throughput and allow loading via walkies or pallet jacks. The logic in the conveyance also allows multiple pallets to be dropped off at the same time and the machine will automatically detect each load and wrap them individually.

  • Top Sheet Dispenser

    A top sheet protects your load from the dust, debris and moisture. The sheet is applied between the layers of wrap, ensuring that any water or precipitation will trickle down the side of the film, never reaching your product.