Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers (Sentry & Flex)

Orion's comprehensive line of semi-automatic stretch wrappers can deliver added efficiencies to your wrapping and load containment. With standard lead times of three weeks or less, you can quickly drive your costs down and your profitability up. The semi-automatic stretch wrappers from Orion are categorized as semi-automatic turntable and semi-automatic rotary tower.

Stretch wrappers from Orion include:

  • High Profile Sentry HP
  • Flex Rotary Tower Deluxe
  • Flex High Profile Deluxe
  • Flex Low Profile Deluxe
  • Sentry Low Profile
  • Flex Rotary Tower Automatic
  • Portable Flex High Profile Automatic
  • Portable Flex Low Profile Automatic

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On a level of its own when it comes to entry-level semi-automatic stretch wrappers with load stabilizing 200% powered pre-stretch, structural integrity & enhancements you expect from Orion.

The Flex RTD pallet wrapper rotates the film carriage around a stationary load, they are ideal for unitizing even the most difficult loads

This Flex Series focuses on a quick and efficient means of pallet wrapping.

This pallet wrapper ensures cost efficiency and safe operations.

A quality entry level stretch wrapper with the film delivery, structural integrity & enhancements you expect from Orion.

Place loads directly on the floor for wrapping. Cycle starts by hanging lanyard or remote control.

Designed for fork lift loading the HPA starts with lanyard or remote control for maximum efficiency.

Load the LPA with fork lift, electric walkie or pallet jack. Start with lanyard or remote control.