In-Process Top Sheet Dispenser TSD

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When the Top Sheet Dispenser (TSD) is used in the process area, it applies the top sheet of stretch wrap after the initial wrap, but before the final wrap forming a 'sandwich' effect to effectively protect the load from dust, dirt and moisture. After the initial shrink wrap, the top sheet dispenser descends and the top sheet is pulled out then cut via an impulse hot wire.

The mechanism then rises. A top stabilizer then lowers to hold the top shrink wrap sheet down while the carriage begins its rotation again and wraps the top sheet to the load.

After the shrink wrapping, this load will be stored out of doors. The top sheet has been applied between the layers of film thus providing total load protection.

The in-process top sheet dispenser is able to assure you that your load will be protected.

Orion's In-Process Top Sheet Dispensers are ideal for multiple industries including: