Rotary Tower Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper Flex RTD Rotary Tower Deluxe

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The RTD semi-automatic stretch wrapper models represent the latest in rotary tower stretch packaging technology. These stretch wrapper systems can be loaded by pallet jack or lift truck, no ramps required. Because the RT model stretch wrappers rotate the film carriage around a stationary load, they are ideal for unitizing even the most difficult loads, including those that are extremely heavy, light, fragile or unstable.

This Flex RTD Series has no maximum load weight capacity. For ease of motion, this pallet wrapper has a precision ring bearing drive system and a tower mounted obstacle sensing system. As Orion keeps safety as a requirement, the RTD Series has a structural steel construction for durability and security.

The RTD Series ensures high performance with a film delivery carriage, as well as the AC/VFD motors, which reduce maintenance. Receive innovative equipment built for safety, dependability, and quality use.