Turntable Pallet Wrapper Flex LPD Low Profile Deluxe

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Cost Effective, Rugged and Reliable.

The Low Profile Deluxe Flex Series (Flex LPD) pallet wrapper was designed and built with economy, efficiency and safe operation in mind. These stretch wrapping machines give you all of the features you need to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently, using the least amount of stretch film.

The Low Profile Deluxe ensures quality product handling. With a full surround deck to protect the turntable, products are kept safe and secure. And for safety in equipment, the Flex LPD is built with a structural steel frame for durability.

This pallet wrapper has a 5,000 pound maximum load weight capacity and a high efficiency of 260% powered film pre-stretch. With available options like dual turntables, extended base or mast, or 30” film carriage, your Flex Low Profile Deluxe machine can be built to do exactly what you need it to do.

With product quality in mind, Orion makes sure that its equipment is safe, secure, and dependable.