Lo-Pro Drag Chain Conveyor

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The low profile, heavy-duty, three-strand chain conveyor with a pass height of only four inches, allowing for convenient loading of multiple loads by either hand-powered pallet jacks electric “walkies”, or forklift.

The new Lo-Pro Drag Chain conveyor is ideal for beverage distribution and other facilities where multiple pallet loads are carried by one vehicle, increasing efficiency and productivity. The operator simply brings the load to the infeed zone of the conveyor then lowers it onto the chain drive. The machine’s logic control then takes over staging the loads and conveying them one at a time into the wrapping zone of the stretch wrapper.

The Lo-Pro Drag Chain is the ideal companion for the MA-DX Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapper. The two work together as the ultimate pallet wrapping system for high volume applications. The 60 feet-per-minute Lo-Pro conveyor keeps pace with the MA-DX’s 28 RPM counter-balanced rotary arm wrapper.

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