Rotary Tower with 3-Station Stand RT 3 Station

Orion's RT semi-automatic rotary tower wrapper, can be mounted to an optional 2-way or 3-way stand to give customers one extra or two extra wrapping areas. The option is available in both manual and motorized version.

This machine is designed to allow industries to maximize their time. By adding up to a 3-way stand, efficiency is achieved. The RT 3 Station is ideal for spaces with medium to high volume. Features on this system include high speeds, versatility, added options to maximize use, and more.

Orion takes the efficiency of the Flex RT and multiplies it times 3 with this unique 3-way rotating stand. Orion offers this option in powered and manual version. While one load is being wrapped, two additional wrapping areas are available for either staging of loads, or storing of wrapped loads awaiting pick up. This option is ideal for applications in warehouses and near loading docks where space is limited, yet volume is medium to high. Orion can work with you to determine the best configuration of this unique wrapper to suit your needs.