Stretch Wrapping Solutions: Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic, & Orbital Stretch Wrappers

With well over 100 years of collective experience in our electrical and mechanical engineering departments alone, Orion has the capabilities to design stretch wrap packaging systems for most any application. Each system features maximum efficiency, reliability, flexibility to accommodate a wide range of product requirements, and ease of use and maintenance. Please browse through our library of videos.

These Orion videos showcase our range of packaging solutions, including:

  • Automatic stretch wrappers
  • Semi-automatic stretch wrappers
  • Orbital stretch wrappers
  • Specialty stretch wrappers

To learn more about any of our stretch packaging solutions, find our product pages or contact Orion today.

Automatic stretch wrapping equipment increases efficiency by reducing labor and material costs, and increasing throughput.

Stand-alone automatic stretch wrappers are designed for high speed solutions.

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers allow operators to efficiently wrap pallet loads.

Orbital stretch wrappers provide secure seals for unique product sizes and shapes.

Specialty stretch wrappers are designed for wrapping unique products of varying sizes.

Orion product line videos give insight to the array of stretch wrapping options available.