Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine Orion Orbital Constellation

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The Orion Constellation Line of orbital type stretch wrapping machines are ideal for long loads that can not be stretch wrapped on a conventional turntable or rotary tower type machine. Examples of products that are well suited for orbital wrapping pipe, plastic extrusions, carpet rolls, lumber, aluminum siding, and many other long products. Ring sizes from 15 inch to 90 inch are available to accommodate virtually all orbital wrapping applications.

Product size and shape is crucial in the stretch wrapping process. When products are longer in length, unique stretch wrapping machinery is required. Orion offers a line of orbital type stretch wrappers that accommodates long loads.

Features on the Orion Orbital Constellation include versatility in carriage configuration, ring size, and RPM. This system can hold a maximum weight capacity of up to 4,000 pounds. With precision and security, products are efficiently wrapped.