Roll Wrapper RW-44

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Orion's RW-44 is a heavy-duty semi-automatic wrapping system designed to stretch wrap roll product by turning the roll on steel blocking rollers while spinning the product on a 14 RPM turntable. This creates a "cocoon" wrap pattern and provides complete protection and unitization of the roll. Maximum load size is 60" Diameter x 65" Length. Maximum load weight is 6,000 pounds.

To ensure that all product sizes and shapes are accommodated in the packaging process, Orion offers the RW-44 in its stretch wrapper product line. This machine is specifically designed for product that needs to be roll wrapped.

In addition to the many features on the RW-44, Orion has created this machine to ensure safety during the packaging process. Safety features include a pneumatically operated shaft to keep the turntable in place, turntable support, structural steel framing, and more.

The turntable is held in place by a pneumatically operated shaft which engages a steel detent assembly. This assures that the turntable will remain stationary during loading and unloading. Turntable support provided by an industrial grade ring bearing for maximum reliability.

The frame is constructed 100% structural steel and is forklift portable from the front or the rear of the machine. Detail showing the pneumatically operated plunger which holds the turntable in place during loading and unloading. Detail showing the pillow block bearing which supports the blocking roller.

These bearings, as well as all other major components on the RW-44, are easily accessed for fast service and maintenance.

Orion's RW-44 Roll Wrappers are ideal for multiple industries including: