Low Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping System Sentry LP

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Wrap up your deal on the semi-automatic stretch wrapper that takes entry level to the next level.

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The feature-rich Sentry LP or its high profile sibling the Sentry HP are on a level of their own when it comes to entry-level semi-automatic wrappers. Both the Sentry LP & HP utilize Orion's signature rugged steel construction and durable AC motors, and integrate standard features like a load stabilizing 200% powered pre-stretch, which reduces film consumption to about half of manually wrapped loads, while increasing stability.

Plus, Sentry wrappers are equipped with user-friendly features like the IntelleVue touchscreen display that allows operators to access and quickly change wrap counts, adjust turntable speed, carriage speed, film tension, and access stored recipes, user-manuals and more. Also, standard on the Sentry machines are the load height sensing photo eye and Orion's unique RevoLogic technology, which delivers a precise count of each revolution of the turntable, and stops the turntable in the same position after each cycle.

Options that elevate the Sentry LP even further:

  • Easy-to-use integrated scale package with quick connect and battery backup
  • Increase speed and performance with Orion's Insta-Thread Carriage with 260% pre-stretch and the insta-cut option
  • Multiple ramp options, including pallet jack, walkie with contour, and extension
  • Extended mast up to 110"