S-Carriage InstaThread Prestretch Film Carriage NEW

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The S-Carriage InstaThread Pre-Stretch Film Carriage is engineered with features that reduce material costs, save time, and minimize the potential for accidents.

The standard 260% material saving pre-stretch, not only significantly reduces film costs it’s also an important feature from a sustainability standpoint, as more and more companies look for ways to reduce their environmental impact.

The "drop in" Insta-thread film change makes changeover quicker and safer. Simply grab the film, pull it through, and close the door. Weaving the film between the rollers is not required, so hands remain clear of the internal components.

  • Over 180 degrees of film to roller contact reduces neckdown, improving film yield and wrap speed.
  • 260% prestretch standard, with options to go higher or lower
  • InstaThread™ provides easy film threading and doubles the door opening
  • Durable and reliable dual chain drive and gear
  • Adjustable dancer bar and spring options allow fine tuning of load tension, and allows for a wider range of film gauges.
  • Automatic film force to load corner compensating S-carriage delivers consistent film tension that won't crush corners.
  • Window allows user to confirm performance, and is valuable to spot a debris blockage or when troubleshooting.

The S pattern routes the film around the back of the first prestretch roller, then around the front of the second prestretch roller. This dramatically reduces the distance between rollers where the film is actually stretched. The result is less neckdown (width reduction) and the ability to use one-sided cling films with the cling side against both the prestretch rollers and the load.