Stretch Wrapper Integrations with AGV, AMR, & IAVs

Autonomous Vehicle Fred with the Orion RTC Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Provide a smooth, safe and easy flow of pallet loads through your facility.

It’s easier than ever to automate your workflow and boost your operations productivity, safety, and the bottom line.

Autonomous Vehicles and Orion Stretch Wrappers integrate easily and provide a smooth flow of pallet loads through your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility.

Automating can help solve labor-shortage issues, free floor space, and can improve the quality and consistency of pallet load containment.

Why consider autonomous vehicles?

Automated vehicles come in several styles from AGVs, like FRED which follows a route laid out on the floor, to sophisticated custom solutions like Quest Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV) that require no physical guides to safely and smoothly move product through your facility.

Advantages of AGV or IAV automation include:

  • Works consistently without breaks 24/7/365
  • Improves safety and reduces product damage caused by forklifts
  • Solves labor-shortage issues and employee-training investments
  • Frees up significant space for additional manufacturing lines or warehousing
  • Easily adjustable to facility changes

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Orion offers the most comprehensive, highest quality, heavy-duty industrial stretch wrapping equipment available and sets the standard for durability, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and performance. Our advanced film pre-stretch system assures the most efficient and cost effective use of every inch of stretch film. Made in the U.S.A. quality & technical support, along with one of the strongest distribution networks in North America, further define the advantages of selecting Orion equipment.