Custom Stretch Wrapping Solutions

Orion is known in the industry for our willingness and ability to develop custom stretch wrapping machines for specialty applications. We work with customers to apply our state-of-the-art stretch packaging technology to their unique (custom) application. As a result, some of these custom stretch wrapper systems have, in turn, become standard specialty models.

Thus, making custom stretch wrap packaging available to industries that, otherwise, would have continued to rely on other unitizing means such as:

  • Strapping
  • Corrugated
  • Shrink Bundling

To learn more about the specialty stretch wrapping systems, contact Orion today.

Ideal for fast-paced beverage distribution and other facilities where multiple pallet loads are carried by one vehicle.

Orion's cornerboard applicator can be made to cater to your specific application.

For safe, efficient manual application of corner boards

This specialty system revolves are a 3-station stand to get maximum efficiencies

Six-sided protection of pallet loads "locks" the load effectively to the pallet.

Orion offers stretch wrappers tailored for the unique characteristics of windows & doors

Heavy-duty semi-automatic wrapping system designed to stretch wrap roll product

All-in-one robotic palletizer/automatic stretch wrapping machine

Automatic application of polyethylene top sheet for weatherproofing, protection against dust, and/or pilferage

The top sheet dispenser applies the top sheet, effectively protecting the load from dust, dirt and moisture.