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Six Sided Stretch Wrapping Machine AXIS

In certain industries, especially printing, total six-sided protection of pallet loads is desired for total product protection and to "lock" the load effectively to the pallet. Steel or poly strapping is commonly used, however many customers would like to eliminate the high cost, high maintenance and recycling issues of strapping.

That's why Orion has developed a system based on a large ring Constellation orbital wrapper combined with an FA (or MA) automatic stretch wrapping system. Customers have realized greatly increased uptime while dramatically lowering total pallet packaging costs with this system.

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  • Process of Orbital / MA Six Sided Stretch Wrapping Machine

    Pallet loads of printed material is first stretch wrapped on an Orion FA-44 automatic system, then conveyed to an Orion Constellation orbital wrapper. The orbital wrapper with a 90" ring is large enough to handle a full sized pallet load wrapping over the top and under the bottom, thus locking the product to the pallet.

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