Wrapping Robot AG360 New

Version 2 of the Orion AG360 Automatically Guided Robotic Stretch Wrapper is in development. Version 1 is no longer available. If you would like to be notified when Version 2 is available, please complete the form on this page.

The Orion AG360 is the stretch wrapping solution for maximum flexibility in your pallet unitizing operation. Instead of bringing each pallet load to a central location, the battery operated AG360 is fully portable and can be easily driven to where ever it’s needed to stretch wrap your pallets. You can also bring the load to the robot location if desired.

Because the AG360 uses a spring-loaded “follow” wheel, there is no limit to the size (or weight) of pallet loads to be wrapped.

Specially designed high capacity batteries along with Orion’s exclusive PowerSave™ alert feature assures that you’ll always have enough battery power to drive the unit to the charging station. A battery level meter is also displayed on the control panel.

Request more info about this product

Request more info about this product