Q: What is powered film prestretch and why is it so important?

A: Powered prestretch refers to the method of 'prestretching' the stretch film prior to load application. The film carriage uses an electric motor to turn two specially surfaced rollers which rotate at different speeds. The stretch film, which is threaded around these rollers, is prestretched making it much stronger and able to contain shifting loads. This process also increases the yield of the film roll making stretch wrapping a very economical way to unitize pallet loads.

At our standard prestretch rate of 260% (available on most models), 1 foot off the supply roll becomes more than 3.6 feet of film wrapped on the load! Orion offers rates of up to 425% for high performance applications. Orion's Insta-Thread and Multi-Stretch film carriages offer extremely reliable operation, a high level of prestretch and convenient film threading.

S-Carriage Pre-stretch Film Carriage