Q: What's the difference between turntable and rotary tower machines?

A: Turntable stretch wrapping machines wrap by turning a load on its turntable while the film carriage ascends and descends on a fixed mast. Orion makes both high and low profile turntable semiautomatic machines which can handle load weights ranging from 3,500 to 6,000 pounds. Automatic turntable machines generally use conveyor systems to transport loads.

Rotary tower stretch wrapping systems wrap by rotating the film carriage around a load which stands still and does not rotate. Your basic decision to use one type or another depends on your load type, floor space configuration and speed requirements. Generally, rotary tower machines are better for loads that are very heavy, light, fragile or unstable. In many cases, shrink wrap rotary tower machines have a more compact footprint making them ideal when floor space is at a premium. Stretch wrapping rotary machines can usually achieve higher throughput speeds as well because loads need not be rotated at high speeds.