Building & Landscaping Materials

Building Material Stretch Wrappers

Whether you’re wrapping concrete blocks, wood panels, flooring, or soft unstable products like bags of sand, cement, and mulch, the weight and unique shapes and sizes associated with these products amplifies the importance of a properly stabilized load that ensures product quality and safety.

That’s why Orion stretch wrappers have load capabilities up to 6,000 lbs. and use our Insta-Thread film carriage technology with standard 260% film pre-stretch providing safe secure containment throughout the distribution process. And, 30 rpm wrapping capability means you don’t have to sacrifice speed for stability.

Plus, Orion includes CAT-3 Safety Ratings on all Automatic Machines. The separate high and low side electrical cabinets (NEMA-12 and UL rated) not only reduce noise, but allow service techs to access the space more safely.

The MA, FA, and Orbital wrappers are few of the go-to standards for large scale building materials and landscaping operations. Additionally, the Lo-Pro drag chain and top sheet dispensers are great options for use with automatics handling heavy loads or when pallets will be stored outside.


Brick & block - Stone - Wood panels - Flooring - Siding - Pipe - Paint Buckets - Shingles AND, BAGS OF: Sand - Gravel - Mulch - Seed - Potting Soil - Fertilizer

MA DX Rotary Tower Automatic High Profile

MA Automatic Rotary Stretch Wrapping System for Building Materials

The go-to system for high-performance applications, the MA series incorporates a super stable 4-leg design that is used in some of America's top Fortune 500 manufacturing and distribution plants.

Window Door2

Orbital Stretch Wrappers for Long Loads for Building Materials

Ideal for loads that cannot be stretch wrapped on a conventional turntable or rotary tower type machines - pipe, carpet rolls, lumber, siding, doors.

Watch Orion Orbitals in action - VIDEO: Orion Orbital Wrappers Eliminate Costly Strapping & Banding

ORBITAL 6sided

Orbital & FA Six-Sided Stretch Wrapping System for Building Materials

Pallet loads are wrapped on an Orion FA automatic system then conveyed to an Orion Constellation orbital, and wrapped on the top and bottom, thus locking the product to the pallet.