Consumer Goods

Orion wrappers keep consumer goods in pristine retail-ready condition from dock to dock.

Consumer goods, also known as final goods, ranging from clothing, to food products, to household supplies, or appliances must arrive on site in retail-ready condition. Rising costs are just one reason that industries are turning to Orion wrappers to contain their pallet loads, and ensure that product arrives on site in the same condition that is shipped.

Features that differentiate Orion stretch wrapping equipment include:

The S-Carriage InstaThread film system is the heart of Orion's stretch wrappers and is engineered with features that reduce material costs, save time, and minimize the potential for accidents - while providing the highest level of load containment.

Our corner compensation feature ensures that even film pressure is applied to the sides and corners of the load, so corners don't get crushed and product doesn't get damaged.

Orion’s RevoLogic uses exact tooth-counting technology and load-height sensing photo-eyes to create a unique system that precisely applies the exact number of top and bottom film wraps and ensures home position alignment.