Window & Door

Door and window wrapping systems are available in a wide variety of configurations starting with turntable models to conveyorized Orbital (horizontal) models.

Depending on your specific size, weight, and throughput requirements, Orion can customize a wrapping system to meet your goals, reduce your packaging costs, and assure that your customers receive your products in the same condition that they shipped.

Front of the custom window and door stretch wrapping system

The Flex LPD Window & Door Wrapper is one of the most popular semi-automatic stretch wrappers for large frame

items. An adaptation of our standard 5,000-pound capacity Flex LPD, the window & door model handles up to an ultra-tall 120” height. With the extended base and top platen support arm it can also handle up to a 144” swing circle.

An optional remote lets the operator quickly raise or lower the top platen to easily switch between product heights, and securely hold the panel. Additionally, the remote can start the wrap cycle, saving time.

The S-Carriages unique roller design optimizes film yield, reduces film slippage, and provides ideal load containment.

Orbital 06 27 19 4 x 3

Orion Orbital Constellation Stretch Wrappers are ideal for loads that cannot be stretch wrapped on conventional turntable or rotary tower type machines - not just windows and doors, but other building supplies including carpet rolls, lumber and siding.

Orion Orbital’s are fully automatic, loads are sequenced through the conveyors and controlled by photocells and PLC. Powered infeed conveyors move the product horizontally and advance it to the wrap zone. Here photo eye sensors detect load length. The orbital ring and film carriage then rotate around the load, applying the film as the load conveys through. The automatic film tail cut cleanly finishes the wrapping process.