Stretch Film Machines From Orion Deliver Stretch Machine Equipment Above Industry Standards

Mar 3, 2012

With a design philosophy that incorporates efficiency and flexibility into each stretch film machine, when you have an Orion system you know you’re products will remain safe and sound throughout shipping and distribution. Serving numerous industries, Orion has the capabilities of customizing stretch film equipment to fit your precise needs.

The Turntable Pallet Wrapper Low Profile Standard Flex LPS is a stretch film machine with incredible performance. Without sacrificing affordability, you can rest assure that your products are properly wrapped and ready for shipping. The Flex LPS has several optional features so that your product requirements are met without hesitation. The High Profile Standard stretch film machinery is designed to provide durability and reliability to each load, while the Low Profile Standard is designed for loading by either fork lift or by pallet jack. The S Series stretch film equipment incorporates a proven InstaThread film delivery system to the load and features an ultra-sensitive corner compensation mechanism to assure that film tension around the entire load is consistent for better load stability.

Each Series in the Turntable Pallet Wrapper line includes stretch film machinery that maximizes use and minimized stretch film. Conserve on film without losing the structure and stability it provides to your products. The Flex S Series features forklift capabilities from the front or rear, a four-point caster support for quiet and reliable operation, a no-slip direct chain and sprocket drive, and an automatic load height photoeye. With a maximum load weight of 4,000 pounds, this stretch film machine works to easily wrap your products.

The stretch film equipment from Orion has benefits that other stretch film machinery cannot offer. Orion has created the new Standard S Series. With these systems in place, customers now have more options. Don’t sacrifice when it comes to finding the best stretch film machine for your product needs.

Orion offers customizable options so that no matter how big your products are, you can easily and effectively wrap them with precision and speed. Your product requirements can easily be met with the stretch film equipment from Orion.

No matter what industry you are in, when your products require safe and secure wrapping for shipping and distribution, the stretch film machinery from Orion is the perfect solution. Find the best system for your business and enjoy quality machinery with a long lifetime and a durable construction. When you choose Orion, you don’t have to worry about your transporting your products safely.

About Orion Packaging

Make sure every load is safe and secure during its journey to market with Orion, the leader in heavy-duty industrial stretch wrapping technology. Orion is an industry-leading manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment, including rotary turntables, rotary towers, and horizontal wrapping systems. As part of the ProMach End of Line business line, Orion helps our packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Orion at and more about ProMach at

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