Orion Product Line & Product Features

Orion offers stretch wrapper & pallet wrapper equipment. Browse through these videos to check out the Orion product line as well as the features that make Orion's machinery the best in the stretch packaging industry. The Orion product line and product features are versatile and innovative to create lasting, efficient solutions.

Each stretch wrapper from Orion features advanced technology, such as:

  • Drop-in film threading
  • Robotic corner board placing
  • HMI programming
  • Drag chain conveying
  • InstaCut options

These are just a few of the Orion product line features available. To learn more about stretch wrapping and pallet wrapping solutions, contact Orion today.

Orion offers a variety of specialty stretch wrapping systems. The Orion Cornerboard Applicator RCBA Robotic Corner Board Applicator is a precise, simple solution for palletizing loads.

Watch this educational video giving step by step instructions on programming of an Orion Flex D and A model stretch wrapping machines.

The LoPro 4" Drag Chain Conveyor is a specialty stretch wrapping solution designed for safe and efficient loading. This system is ideal for beverages and other warehousing operations.

Stretch wrappers from Orion have optional add-ons, including the InstaCut Stretch Wrapper Option. In this video, the InstaCut creates a hole in film web, cutting the film tail.

Orion stretch wrapping machinery is designed to meet the growing demands of diverse industries for endless applications. These prestretch capabilities and durable stretch wrappers offers superior value.

Our Flex line of stretch wrappers is a reflection of our company’s mantra which is to build everything out of steel so it's tough and dependable. The Flex Stretch Wrappers are durable and reliable.

Browse this video to see our USA manufacturing plant virtually. We'll give you a quick tour of Orion's Alexandria, Minnesota manufacturing facility and show you the Orion machinery.

The MA offers a banner applicator that automatically applies printed film around a load for logo or product Information.

Orion FA with Load Base Protector – Automatically applies corrugated around base of load

The orbital stretch wrapping machinery form Orion is capable of automatically Inserting “Bunks” under a load. Watch this video to see the orbital machinery in action.

The Orion IntelleVue HMI features an Intuitive and user-friendly design color touchscreen display to simplify operation. This system has pre-programmed menus and security.

Watch this quick overview of the three basic types of stretch wrapping machines, including semi-automatic stretch wrappers, fully automatic wrappers, and orbital stretch wrapping machines.

See the features that make the S-Carriage the best film delivery system available. Watch this video to learn more about the S-Carriage InstaThread Pre-Stretch Film Carriage technology.

The extended mast tall tower stretch wrapper has 110" wrap height and is designed with a scale. The integrated scale helps verify load accuracy and shipping weight.