The Benefits of Semi-Automatic Wrappers vs. Hand Wrapping

Find out how to improve performance with entry level semi-automatic stretch wrappers, and the features that elevate some entry level stretch wrappers to a league of their own. Features that can provide additional film savings, improved productivity, enhanced safety and load stability and are generally not found on most entry level machines. To learn more about the semi-automatic stretch wrappers, contact Orion today.

Today we want to discuss the benefits of semi-automatic wrapping versus hand wrapping.

Firstly, let's talk about safe and secure loads. It's crucial that my product reaches its final destination safely and securely without any damage. Getting fined for load shifting or broken boxes is not money well spent, and I definitely want to avoid any potential injury from unsecured loads.

Next, we want to reduce any potential risk of injury at work. Back strain from bending or twisting is not fun to deal with and can become an HR nightmare. Additionally, the inconsistency of wrapping a pallet from the beginning of the day to the end, based on how that person feels at the time, or even the difference from one person wrapping to the next, will not always give you the safe and secure load we just talked about.

Finally, let's talk about my return on investment. Is my initial cost of getting into an Orion stretch wrapper really worth the investment? First, you must ask yourself how much you value safe and secure loads and potential injury prevention. Even if you say these are not a concern of yours, the conversation changes to the savings on film material costs.

Let me explain. Each person hand wrapping a pallet will apply different amounts of stretch to the film. By stretching the film and applying it to the load, it acts like a rubber band, keeping the product tight and secure. That person might only stretch the film 10% or even up to 100% if they’re feeling strong and not dizzy from wrapping. Our Orion Sentry machines come standard with 200% pre-stretch. This 200% pre-stretch is not based on mood, how many hours they've worked that day, or how dizzy they are. Stretch film is not free, so if I can get a consistent 200% pre-stretch off of each roll month after month, I'm saving money.

To summarize, I have broken this down into three main talking points that can be prioritized in different order but must all be part of the equation: safe and secure loads, reducing potential risk of injury, and return on investment. Now, let’s see one of our Orion Sentry machines in action.