Beer & Beverage Distribution

Beverage Distribution Stretch Wrappers

Pallets loaded with cases of beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages can be short or tall, heavy or light, full of bottles, cans or pouches, but one thing they all have in common is that they contain liquid, and spills can cause huge messes and shut down an entire production line.

In today's modern fast-paced beverage distribution facilities efficiency is paramount. Large amounts of product must be picked, loaded and delivered as quickly as possible to ensure profitability - and the conveyor and stretch wrapper play key roles.

While the pace must be fast, many of a distribution center’s loads are mixed sizes cases that tend to be unstable. To accommodate the required throughput, and safeguard against toppled loads Orion engineered the ideal beverage pallet wrapping system by integrating our Lo Pro Drag Chain Conveyor with the MA Automatic Rotary Stretch Wrapping System.

Infeeds and accumulating conveyors can also be customized to meet the space requirements and load buffer needs of the application.

Or, for moderate paced operations try the Orion RTA. This automatic wrapper maintains pallet stability by moving the rotary arm around the stationary pallet that remains on floor. The RTA is not constrained by load limits.

The ideal choice for lower throughput environments is Orion's HPA. The HPA delivers repeatable, safe, and secure loads, plus improved speed and load containment not possible when wrapping by hand.

LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor

The 60 feet-per-minute LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor eliminates rollers for smooth product-saving conveyance. Ramps aren’t required either for further protection of the unwrapped load, and the user-friendly 4" pass height makes the LoPro safe and efficient for loading with a pallet jack, electric walkie or forklift. The LoPro conveys up to three 2,500-pound pallets at a time...


MA Rotary Tower Automatic Wrapper

The ideal companion to the Lo Pro is a MA Automatic Rotary Tower Wrapper. The MA's counter-balanced rotary arm wraps the film around the stationary load. The initial wraps can be done at slow speed to apply a 'stabilizing' wrap, and once applied, the machine ramps up to production speed of 28 RPM...


Insta-Thread Film Delivery System

MA-DX film carriage

Every Orion automatic system is equipped with the proven Insta-Thread film delivery system which maximizes the film stretch and strength properties while using the least amount of stretch film.

The combination of 260% powered pre-stretch, specially textured high-density film rollers and an extremely sensitive...


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