Orion equipment is a standard fixture in many bottle manufacturing, beverage bottling and distribution facilities.

Integrated machine features allow for careful handling of empty lightweight PET bottles or finished product in bottles and cans. "Soft start and stop" and rotary arms allow Orion wrappers to gently wrap unstable and extremely light loads, as well as unstable mixed loads common in beer and beverage distribution operations. Additionally, our smooth performance LoPro drag chain conveyors are the new standard for distribution facilities where high-speed throughput and unstable mixed loads are the norm.

Beer & Beverage Distribution

Orion stretch wrapping systems are the solution for modern fast-paced beverage distribution facilities where efficiency is paramount. Product must be picked, wrapped and delivered to the dock door as quickly as possible to ensure profitability.


Empty PET Bottles

Tall, light, easily damaged product, plus the need to apply a lightly tensioned "dust cover" requires specialized equipment to consistently wrap these difficult loads - Orion automatic stretch wrapping systems rise to the challenge