Orion Spotlights the Latest in Stretch Wrapping Options at Pack Expo

Sep 05, 2017

Orion will showcase of innovative stretch wrapping solutions that improve the safety of pallet loads, conserve material, and lower the labor involved in stretch wrapping. (Orion Packaging Pack Expo Booth # C-3029)

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. - Orion, powered by ProMach, features at Pack Expo, in Las Vegas, September 25-27, a wide range of stretch wrapping solutions that aim to improve pallet load integrity while minimizing material consumption and lowering direct labor input. These innovative solutions will appeal to customers representing a broad spectrum of the manufacturing, co-packing, and warehousing environments. (Orion Packaging Pack Expo Booth # C-3029)

Orion AG360 Stetch Wrapper

The AG360 portable, self-driving stretch wrapper

Comparable to guiding a pallet jack, shipping personnel simply roll the novel AG360 self-driving stretch wrapper to the load and the compact robot does the rest - driving itself around the perimeter of the load, stretch wrapping as it goes. The AG360 self-guided stretch wrapper is ideal for pick-to-order distribution centers and for oversized loads that are otherwise difficult to stretch wrap. Equipped with a powerful battery for operation, the AG360 can be rolled out of the way and plugged in for recharging.

The MA-DX for up to 90 loads per hour

With a standard production capacity of up to 65 loads per hour and up to 90 loads per hour with optional features, the MA-DX is ideal for mid to high-volume manufacturing plants. This automatic rotary tower style stretch wrapper features several of Orion's innovative systems, including Insta-Thread Film Delivery for easier film loading and threading; Film Tail Cut and Wipe Down, which automatically ensures the film tail stays in place using a minimal amount of film; Soft Start and Stop for minimal wear and longer life of the drive system; and Orion heavy duty conveyors for superior durability. The MA-DX also features a four-leg frame that gives this stretch wrapper rock-solid stability.

The Flex HPA automatic stretch wrapper lowers direct labor

The Flex HPA model eliminates the need for forklift drivers to leave the cab to attach or cut the stretch film. Drivers place the pallet load on the machine, pull a lanyard switch while backing away, and the Flex HPA performs the entire wrap cycle automatically. This automatic process improves the efficiency of the stretch packaging operation by keeping operators busy with other tasks while the machine is wrapping. The Flex HPA has a 5,000-pound load capacity and, at 15 rotations per minute, quick wrapping for optimum throughput.

In terms of set up, film loading, changeover, and general maintenance, all Flex models now feature Orion's IntelleVueâ„¢ control package with seven-inch high-definition color-touch-screen HMI. This bilingual interface simplifies recipe-based operations: Operators gain access to all machine functions in only two clicks and the HMI stores up to 10 wrap recipes for fast, trouble-free changeover. Connection through an Ethernet port to the Machine Dashboard provides access to Remote Diagnostics Management Tools and help with trouble shooting. The USB port provides for fast, secure loading of software updates.

The Sentry is an economical entry to automation from manual wrapping

Because of its low price point and powered pre-stretch film delivery for minimizing film usage, the Sentry semi-automatic stretch wrapper gives companies a strong rationale for automating stretch wrapping operations. Companies shipping five to 10 pallets a day can expect a quick return on investment through decreases in product damage during shipment, reduced material consumption, and lower direct labor. The Sentry features heavy-duty components, steel construction, reliable electronics, and U.S. manufacture.

Stretch wrapping for fruit, produce, and other products that require ventilation

Transportation of produce loads and other load types that require ventilated cases demands specialized stretch wrapping equipment to prevent ventilation holes from being covered up by a full web of stretch film. Orion has developed two novel solutions to allow shippers of ventilated product to effectively and economically unitize pallet loads and move them to market in pristine condition. For lower throughput applications, Orion offers the Split & Rope system, which will be on display at the Orion booth. For high volume production, ask about the Dual Rope machine.

For more information on Orion innovative stretch and pallet wrappers, call 800-333-6556 and visit www.OrionPackaging.com. And be sure to visit the Orion Packaging Booth # C-3029.

About Orion

Orion manufactures automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment, offering the most comprehensive line of cost-effective pallet wrapping solutions at unparalleled value. As a leader in heavy-duty industrial stretch wrapping technology, Orion is dedicated to creating durable and film efficient machines without compromise to the safety and security of each pallet load. Orion is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Robotics & End of Line business line, Orion helps our packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Orion at www.OrionPackaging.com and more about ProMach at www.ProMachBuilt.com.

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