Orion Orbital & MA Six-Sided Stretch Wrapping System

The 6-sided stretch wrapping system is ideal for unstable, irregular or very heavy loads. It incorporates the Orion Orbital Wrapper with one of our most popular models the MA.

  • The Orbital wrapper is available with ring size from 15" to 90", and has an optional second carriage to further increase throughput. The orbital wrapper applies the film to the top and bottom of the load. Once the wrap cycle is complete, the Orbital wrapper automatically severs the film and the load advances to the MA wrap zone.
  • The MA applies pre-stretched film to the load's four sides using a fast, 18 RPM counter-balanced rotary arm. The arm is built with a robust 1 HP motor & low maintenance fully sealed slip ring.
  • Orion's unique Revo-Logic technology applies the precise number for programmed wraps to the load. So consistent results are delivered every time.
  • Made in the U.S.A. quality, coupled with our nationwide distributor support are a few more reasons Orion systems are preferred over similar competitive equipment.