Specialty Custom Pallet Stretch Wrappers

Orion has been making custom specialty stretch wrapping systems for years. Customizable solutions are designed to meet the growing demands of diverse industries. With unique product requirements, Orion offers versatile solutions to ensure that pallets are wrapped with precision and care in each application. Browse through the video library below to check out some of these specialty stretch wrappers in action.

Specialty stretch wrappers are customizable solutions featuring:

  • Six-sided capabilities
  • Corner board placer
  • Added netting
  • Dual shuttle table system
  • Super sizes
  • Ramp loading

There are endless possibilities to transform standard stretch wrappers to meet your specification. Contact Orion today to talk with someone on specialty stretch wrapping solutions.

The six-sided stretch wrapper is a fast, efficient six-sided wrapping machine for maximum load protection. This system is ideal for long product loads.

Orion offers a variety of specialty stretch wrapping systems. The Orion Cornerboard Applicator RCBA Robotic Corner Board Applicator is a precise, simple solution for palletizing loads.

Custom solutions from Orion allow customers to have tailored machinery for unique product requirements. In this video, the Orion FA Turntable Automatic is running netting instead of stretch film.

The MPA-ST DST dual shuttle table system is a very unique table design that allows for the operator to stage a load while another is wrapping.

Learn more about the super size MA roll wrapper stretch wrapper by watching this demonstration video. The extra large and heavy duty MA machine is designed for added stretch strength and load safety.

Watch this video demonstration of the six-sided stretch wrapping machine with constellation and MA specialty stretch wrappers. This combination allows for added precision and versatility in packaging pallets.

Watch the Orion & Brenton combination robotic palletizer and stretch wrapper video. Pro Mach offers efficient end-of-line solutions as a one-stop-shop experience in palletizing machinery.

In this video, the MA rotary tower automatic stretch wrapper is wrapping concrete blocks. Concrete brick and block plants are rugged and rigid. Orion machines are durable and tough to withstand these products.

Orion can build highly customized stretch wrapping systems for every application. This system utilizes a specially designed conveyor system to meet customer needs.

The LoPro Conveyor with ramp loading is convenient for electric walkie. This machine is a heavy duty system designed with a three-strand chain conveyor for convenient loading.

Learn more about end of line solutions by watching this example of full EOL systems with Brenton robotic palletizer, Orion stretch wrapper with cornerboard placer and top sheet dispenser

Learn more about the end of line solutions by watching this video showcasing the Orion Top Sheet Dispenser on a FA Automatic wrapper.

Watch this video of orbital-FA six sided stretch wrapping machine in action. This system is an orbital machine for long loads.

See how the Orion Manual Corner Board Applicator works. This system is an add-on designed to apply corner boards safely and efficiently.

Using the specialty stretch wrappers from Orion, this video showcases how efficiently roping steel coil can be. Featuring maximum efficiency while maintaining product integrity, the stretch wrapping machinery is effective and safe.

Orion door and window stretch wrapping equipment helps your products arrive to market in pristine condition. Watch this video to see this stretch wrapper in action.

The Roll Wrapper 44 is a semi-automatic wrapping system designed to stretch wrap roll product by turning the roll on steel blocking rollers.

This video showcases three wrapping areas being utilized for increased productivity. Using the rotating rotary tower deluxe, the products are kept safe and secure throughout production.

Learn more about the secure breathable cases with dual film band wraps by watching this example video. This specialty stretch wrap solution is innovative and efficient.

The LoPro 4" Drag Chain Conveyor is a specialty stretch wrapping solution designed for safe and efficient loading. This system is ideal for beverages and other warehousing operations.

Learn more about the Orion rotary tower stretch wrapper with 3-station stand by watching this example video. Using a 3-position stand, the Orion RT is manually operated.

The dual roping pallet wrapper is perfect for cases with products that need to breathe.

The split and rope system is used on the Flex Series semi-automatic stretch wrapper to ensure ventilated loads are safe and secure.

The Flex Dual Turntable option allows one load to be wrapped while the other is being staged in or out, thus increasing the efficiency of the pallet wrapping operation.

By creating tandem RTA’s, Orion stretch wrappers allow double pallet-jacks to drop 2 loads and wrap them simultaneously. Learn more about the RTA's from Orion by watching this video.

Orion FA with Load Base Protector – Automatically applies corrugated around base of load

The orbital stretch wrapping machinery form Orion is capable of automatically Inserting “Bunks” under a load. Watch this video to see the orbital machinery in action.

Watch the MA “Beer Wrapper” with a LoPro Conveyor running Single Pallets. This system uses innovative technology to effiiciently wrap beverage products.

The MA rotary tower automatic stretch wrapper utilizes a super stable 4-leg design and a heavy duty conveyor. This machinery is durable and dependable for endless applications.

This adaptation of our Flex LPD low profile semi-automatic stretch wrapper is an ideal solution for windows and door manufacturers

This modification of the popular Flex HPD allows two side-by-side pallets to be wrapped at the same time.

Great in distribution centers wrapping a variety of C-type loads. The base quickly pivots to a new position so the next pallet can be wrapped, while the previous waits for pickup.

The 6-sided stretch wrapping system is ideal for unstable, irregular or very heavy loads.