Pack Expo Connects - Second Look

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Thank you for looking us up during Pack Expo Connects virtual show. We wanted to invite you to take a second look at Orion's video presentations from the event. Please contact us if you have questions or would like additional information on the equipment from the videos, or if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Ultimate High Speed Pallet Wrapper - MA

The new Dual Carriage MA stretch wrapping system takes the high-speed performance of the MA to another level. Using dual 30” Insta-Thread™ film carriages and 28RPM counter-balanced rotary arms the MA pushes load throughput up-to 100 pallets an hour.

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Case Study: Beverage Industry solution minimizes downtime from breakage and improves transfer of unstable mixed loads.

Unstable loads resulting in breakage can dampen the best attempts to run a fast paced and profitable beer and beverage operation. The MA LoPro drag chain helps solve the problem. See how one distributor upgraded and saw a speedy return on investment of about 18 months, and had 45% less breakage.

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Learn the Benefits of Semi-Automatic Wrapping vs. Hand Wrapping

Find out how to improve performance with entry level semi-automatic stretch wrappers, and the features that elevate some entry level stretch wrappers to a league of their own. Features that can provide additional film savings, improved productivity, enhanced safety and load stability and are generally not found on most entry level machines.

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