Automatic Stretch Wrappers & Pallet Wrapping Equipment

Orion offers a number of automatic stretch wrapping systems. Browse through our video library below to see these automatic stretch wrappers in action. Versatile to accommodate a wide range of applications, the automatic stretch wrappers are used in a vast number of industries. These systems are reliable for quick, seamless wrapping.

The automatic stretch wrapping machines include:

  • MA Rotary Tower
  • Orion FA Pallet Wrapping System
  • Specialty Automatic Stretch Wrapping Solutions

To find out how the automatic stretch wrappers can be customized to fit your exact product requirements, contact Orion today.

View an animation overview of our MA fully automatic rotary tower stretch wrapper, suitable for any industrial application.

Learn more about the automatic stretch wrap systems by watching the Orion MA-DX rotary tower automatic stretch wrapping video. This system is the latest generation and features top performance.

The Orion MA rotary tower automatic stretch wrapping machine is a high speed, high performance stretch packaging system. Automated for maximum efficiency, this system features higher throughput, maximum precision, and more.

Orion's FA turntable automatic stretch wrapping system is a high performance machine designed with a durable construction, while maintaining rigorous safety standards. this machine is versatile, dependable, and efficient.

Growth requires speed and efficient handling of product palletizing to meet productivity requirements.

The MA offers a banner applicator that automatically applies printed film around a load for logo or product Information.

The Orion FA with 90-Degree Front-to-Right Flow uses one infeed conveyor, a conveyorized turntable, and one exit conveyor to move loads at a 90-degree angle. This solution is efficient and compact.

Using dual 30” Insta-Thread™ film carriages and 28RPM counter-balanced rotary arms the MA pushes load throughput up-to 100 pallets an hour

Unstable loads resulting in breakage can dampen the best attempts to run a fast paced and profitable beer and beverage operation. The MA LoPro drag chain helps solve the problem.

The Orion FA is a fully automatic stretch wrap system designed with innovative features, including MicroLogix 1400 PLC from Allen Bradley. This machine features a Category 3 Safety Rating.

The Orion IntelleVue HMI features an Intuitive and user-friendly design color touchscreen display to simplify operation. This system has pre-programmed menus and security.

The latest of Orion's line of rotary tower machines, the RTC has an 18" pass height allowing it to integrate easily into existing lines

Increase your pallet wrapping efficiency with the Orion CTS Conveyorized Twin Station Stretch Wrapper