Conveyorized Twin Station Stretch Wrapper - Orion CTS

Once an operator places an unwrapped load on the powered conveyor turntable the wrap cycle can begin with the standard hanging lanyard, optional remote or manually with the start button on the control panel.

There is no need for the operator to attach the film to the load it is all done automatically
Photo eye sensing recognizing the top of the load and stops to apply the top wraps to the load.
The number of top wraps and bottom wraps are programmable, as are the up and down carriage speeds. These parameters, along with several other wrap settings are part of a wrap recipe, 10 are available for user programming

With a standard turntable speed of 15 RPM the CTS wraps loads quickly. High efficiency AC motors with variable frequency drives are used throughout the machine to dramatically reduce maintenance and allow for gradual rotation ramp up and ramp down to avoid load spills.

As the wrap cycle finishes a clamp catches the film web, and severs it with an impulse hot wire as the wipe down mechanism brushes the film tail against the load.