Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Orion semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines come in two configurations: turntable for more stable loads, and rotary tower for loads that are unstable, very heavy or very light. Heavy duty steel construction is used throughout to give you year after year reliability in even the harshest industrial environments. These systems are built tough to ensure that each product is wrapped with precision for maximum reliability.

The semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines include:

  • Sentry HP
  • Sentry LP
  • Flex S Series
  • Orion Flex HDP
  • Flex LPD

In addition to these machines, Orion offers a wide range of additional semi-automatic stretch wrappers. Browse through these videos to learn more about these systems and how you can integrate them into your packaging line.

Take a look at Orion's new Sentry HP semi-automatic stretch wrapper in action. This system is built with a strong, steel construction and features a pre-stretch to reduce film consumption.

Take a peek at the new Sentry by Orion semi-automatic stretch wrapper in action! This system is a low profile machine designed to wrap loads up to 4,000 pounds at a speed of 12 RPM.

This video showcases the high profile deluxe turntable delivering maximum film economy and load holding power. the Orion Flex HPD turntable semi-automatic machine is versatile to meet growing product requirements.

The Flex Low Profile Deluxe is a workhorse wrapper designed for day-in, day-out duty. Its low profile turntable is ideal for electric walkie and hand truck loading with an optional ramp, or pit mount for floor level loading.

The Flex RTD semi-automatic rotary tower stretch wrappers set the standard for high performance, high throughput stretch wrapping. This system is versatile for unitizing a variety of pallet loads.

Watch this educational video giving step by step instructions on programming of an Orion Flex D and A model stretch wrapping machines.

The Orion Sentry LP is almost too good to be true, but here's a video to prove it's jam packed full of value. The Sentry LP is designed for maximum savings and a prestretch film delivery system.

Find out how to improve performance with entry level semi-automatic stretch wrappers, and the features that elevate some entry level stretch wrappers to a league of their own.

The Flex RTD semi-automatic rotary tower stretch wrappers are designed for precision, efficiency, and high performance. The Flex RTD is a rotary tower machine designed to unitize pallet loads.

See the features that make the S-Carriage the best film delivery system available. Watch this video to learn more about the S-Carriage InstaThread Pre-Stretch Film Carriage technology.

This adaptation of our Flex LPD low profile semi-automatic stretch wrapper is an ideal solution for windows and door manufacturers

The extended mast tall tower stretch wrapper has 110" wrap height and is designed with a scale. The integrated scale helps verify load accuracy and shipping weight.

This modification of the popular Flex HPD allows two side-by-side pallets to be wrapped at the same time.

Great in distribution centers wrapping a variety of C-type loads. The base quickly pivots to a new position so the next pallet can be wrapped, while the previous waits for pickup.