Sentry LP Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Our entry level model, The Sentry by Orion stretch wrapping machine provides long term reliability and economy at an affordable price. Click to see more information on the Sentry Stretch Wrapper.

Introducing the Sentry stretch wrapping machine. The new Sentry by Orion is a semi-automatic, low profile, turntable stretch wrapper, capable of wrapping loads up to 52-by-52 inches and with a maximum weight capacity of 4,000 pounds and a maximum turntable speed of 12 RPM. It uses no maintenance, AC variable frequency drive motors and has separate wrap counts for both top and bottom wraps. The machine is forklift portable from the front and the rear of the machine and features a 200 percent powered prestretch film carriage with a load height photocell. Rugged steel construction is used for long service life. The turntable speed is variable, the film carriage speed is variable, and the film carriage is driven by a dual chain. The home position turntable alignment brings the load into the same position after each cycle.

The machine uses standard 20-inch stretch film and has variable film tension control at the controller. Powder-coat paint finish is used for durability and the machine plugs into a 110 volt, 10 amp service.

The machine also features an obstacle sensor which shuts the machine down if an obstacle is detected. An optional ramp is available for pallet jack loading and can be mounted in one of three positions.

To wrap a load, the operator simply attaches the film tail to the load and presses the start button. As the load starts rotating, the carriage begins its ascent to the top of the load. The top of the load is detected with the photocell. Loads up to 80 inches high can be wrapped. The programmed number of top wraps are then applied. Then, the programmed number of bottom wraps are applied.

After the load has been wrapped, the operator severs the film and removes the load. Knobs on the control panel are available for film tension, carriage speed, and turntable speed. The control box also features a power indicator light, a start button, an emergency stop button, and a power disconnect switch. The Multilanguage control interface is easy to operate. Parameters can be quickly and easily changed. Security levels ensure that unauthorized personnel cannot make changes to the program. Stretch film threading is fast and easy. Simply place the new roll of film on the carriage, pull it across the prestretch rollers, shut the carriage door, and thread it through. You’re done.

For more information on the Sentry, please contact Orion Packaging for the name of your local distributor.